Back to School Time

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As our children head back to school, it’s important to keep a few things in mind for a successful transition. School can be a big transition for most kids, especially those just starting out. There are current studies offering evidence that anxiety is higher than ever. It’s important that us, as parents provide a bit more sensitivity and understanding during this transition while also building up our children to be confident and sure of themselves.

Back to School Time!!!

Be patient. Allow your child extra time to get ready in the morning. Eat a good breakfast. A full tummy lessens a chance of a meltdown. Remember they are retaining a lot of information throughout the day, so assist with this processing time.

Practice coping strategies. Your child is likely familiar with deep breathing, calming baths, a quiet space, etc. Utilize these more during this time. Remind your child they’ve got this!

Stay on schedule! Of all times to be on a schedule, this is it! The day needs to be structured, especially morning and nighttime routines. This will also lessen chances of meltdowns and allow your child to predict and process their day.

Ask open-ended questions about their day. Instead of “how was your day”, ask something like “what did you like about today?”, “what didn’t you like?” and help them with processing emotions and feelings.

Hope these help and good luck parents!!!