Bake for Family Fun

kpt_adminOccupational Therapy

Did you know February is Bake for Family Fun Month? And did you know that baking can improve overall brain function? Baking provides all kinds of sensory input and feedback to our bodies!


at Sweet Tooth Bakery in KPT

Some of the best baking can involve mixing ingredients directly with our hands, rather than using utensils or a mixer! Think about it… Some ingredients are dry (flour, sugar, salt) and others are wet (eggs, water, oil). Then when mixed together the texture becomes thick, sticky, or even stretchy like when making dough.

at Sweet Tooth Bakery in KPT

Talk about these different characteristics with your kids, as this conversation can also alleviate stress or hesitation with this high sensory task! Baking also adds in the cognitive functions of sequencing (following directions), measuring, bilateral hand coordination, and even strength!

So get your kids in the kitchen and start baking as a family!

Marcie Ganier Occupational Therapist at Kaleidoscope Pediatric Therapy