Social Group

Benefits of Social Group

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Vygotsky, a well-known Russian psychologist argues that Social Interaction plays a fundamental role in cognitive development. Social group takes what children have learned with adult models, and gives them a chance to use their skills with same-aged peers (with adult support).

Our goal in Group

Is to help these children become more independent in their social skills to make and maintain appropriate social interactions throughout their lives.

Social Thinking

Through Michelle Garcia Winner’s “Social Thinking” concepts we can help these children achieve just that. Teach kids strategies to think through social situations rather than just teaching “social skills” or behavior. Encouraging kids to engage with their peers to target authentic interactions. Concepts directly from the Social Thinking curriculum.

Coming in August

We have a new Social Group starting in August! If you’re interested in having your child learn social thinking skills. Please fill out the interest form below and bring with you to your kiddos next appointment. Or you can email Sara Hulsizer M.S. CCC-SLP she is our speech therapist that runs our Social Groups. Email her at for more questions.

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