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What does a Speech Language Pathologists do? That is the question I hear all the time when I tell people what I do.

What does a speech therapist do?

I was talking with a general education teacher over the Christmas break. And she asked about what sort of clients I see, what I was working on and so on. When I mentioned that I was helping a few of my kids learn to communicate through a speech generating device, she was astonished. She remarked “wait, you help kids communicate through any means necessary? I thought you just worked on ‘r’ and ‘s’.” This was an eye-opener for me as I realized not everyone knows what our field can do. It brings up this question. What does a speech therapist actually do?

In our setting

Working with children, we can do quite a bit. This is the great thing I love about our field. It is very versatile and we cover a broad range of areas. We can help with speech delays and disorders including articulation, phonology and motor speech disorders. Language Disorders including expression and comprehension in oral and non-verbal contexts. Fluency disorders including stuttering and cluttering. Voice and resonance disorders. Swallowing and feeding disorders. Cognitive-communicative disorders including social communication skills, reasoning, problem-solving and executive functions. Pre-literacy and literacy skills including phonological awareness, decoding, comprehension, and writing. Communication and swallowing disorders related to other issues such as hearing impairments, traumatic brain injury, developmental, intellectual or genetic disorders, and neurological impairments.


That was a mouth full! Even though we can assess and treat such a broad range of skills. The most important part of our job is that we’re extremely passionate about helping children find their voice. And help them become the best version of themselves. It is a pleasure seeing our littles grow and learn every day.

Jessica Palomo Speech Language Pathologist at Kaleidoscope Pediatric Therapy.

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