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Do yo know an extraordinary child who is overcoming an illness or disability? TinySuperheroes is the perfect squad for them! TinySuperheroes is a squad that empowers children who are overcoming illness or a disability.

About TinySuperheroes

Sometimes the world around them doesn’t recognize just how EXTRAORDINARY they are. Surrounded by our community and cloaked in their very own cape, your Tiny Superheros will feel strong, able and proud of the qualities that make them unique. Since 2013 Tiny Superheros has empowered over 12,000 kids all over the world.

As founder Robyn said “With each cape, my heart, passion and desire to create positive impact for these children has only grown. So our mission to empower extraordinary kids continues, and in many ways, has only begun.”

Nominating a kiddo

You can nominate a child for their free, official cape on TinySuperheroes. When you nominate a superhero they will be added to a waiting list. Every nominated child receives their cape. TinySuperheroes works hard to find sponsors but will also create a page to give your family and friend the opportunity to help! Once the cape is sponsored it will be on it way! So they can be empowered with their official free cape.

Purchase a cape

If you don’t want your superhero to wait for a sponsor you can purchase a cape. Sixes range from newborn, small ages0-2, medium ages 3-5 and large ages 6 plus. Then you choose your superheros color blue, red, purple or pink. Each cape comes with a yellow lightning bolt or red and yellow rocket ship. Then you choose one initial, two initials, three initials or no initials and the cape is complete. Price will range from $47 to $57 depending on your choices.

“Let us help you empower the Extraordinary kid in your life, because the TinySuperheroes Squad is much more than just a cape…”