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Does your child complain of the room spinning, dizziness, instability or often falls during play activities? Does your child have decreased balance on even/uneven surfaces and is unable to maintain proper head position in space? These can be vestibular symptoms.

Children’s Development

While we often look at the sensory and motor components of our children’s development. The vestibular system can play a large role in functional mobility and stability and assists us to maintain equilibrium while simultaneously perceiving motion and orientation of the body. The inner ear primarily consists of three canals which largely contributes to our ability to perceive orientation and movement of the head while keeping our balance.

If you notice the above complaints from your child especially following head trauma. One of our vestibular certified therapists can assist your child in returning to daily activities by treating their vestibular complaints.

Anna Markosian Physical Therapist at Kaleidoscope Pediatric Therapy.

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